RedBull – Hack The Hits


We are applying for this challenge powered by RedBull.

“Red Bull Hack the Hits challenges the boundaries of music technology by providing tomorrow’s leaders in engineering and programming the chance to create, collaborate, and learn in a unique 48 hour hackathon.” — RedBull



This is a drum machine and sampler written in c++ that we’re developing, called GC-01:


It has:

  • Time synchronized system
  • Several play modes
  • Never stop the sequencer
  • 16 step sequencer can be chained to
  • Construct entire tracks using
  • Several voice polyphony and channels
  • 16 Buttons and 48 (16 RGB) LEDs
  • MIDI input and output

Last year we did a simple MIDI controller for a workshop at our university and won the first place prize: